We Reached Our Scholarship Fund Goal — But You Can Still Help!

Me and my star spangled Decathlon!

The 2019 Ladies Love Taildraggers Scholarships! I may be obsessing but that’s all I can think about these days. One month ago I launched a GoFundMe Campaign hoping like heck to raise $5000.00 for our scholarships and I am thrilled to announce we met that glorious goal yesterday. Many thanks to everyone who donated their hard earned bucks to get us there.

To my request I invited all women CFIs to please donate their time and expertise to instruct our scholarship winners. And better yet, if they have an aircraft at their disposal, I asked them to please donate it as well. I may have gone overboard but I’m happy to report the response has been terrific!

I would like nothing more than offering every single woman pilot the opportunity to experience the joy of flying a taildragger. I’d love for every woman nose-wheel pilot to earn her tailwheel endorsement. I want every woman pilot to be the best pilot she can be and hone her skills to the max. And that means flying conventional gear aircraft – taildraggers!

I will be posting our 2019 Scholarship Application forms tomorrow.

Scholarship #1 for those who would like to earn a ‘Tailwheel Endorsement’

Scholarship #2 a ‘Name Your Own Scholarship’ for women taildragger pilots needing ANY type of follow-up or advanced training.

It’s exciting and it’s a huge change in the way our scholarships have been awarded in the past.

As a woman CFI, if you volunteered recently via email, this website or Facebook to donate your time and expertise to instruct one of our scholarship winners, thank you. I have your information and will be in touch. I would love to have more female CFIs to pull from so if you have not yet responded, please do.

Thank you everyone for making this happen. Together we can create a network that has the potential of pushing our tiny 7% of the pilot population to where it needs to be, 50%!! Quoting Warren Buffett, “for decades, centuries, we relegated women to just a few occupations. And we did not fully use the talent that’s available. And we’re making progress, but we have got a ways to go.”

Let’s get there people! It’s crazy and it’s insane that in 2018 only 7% of the pilot population is female. It’s time for women, whether flying just for the fun of flying or flying professionally, to show themselves. We need to be visible, we need to support, and we need to encourage current and future female pilots.

Help me give a leg up to women pilots by donating your time as a female CFI. We have met my goal of $5000 on our GoFundMe LadiesLoveTaildraggers Scholarship Fund but all future donations will add to the number of women we can assist.

Link to LadiesLoveTaildraggers Scholarship Fund!!




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