The Lady Taildraggers 2013 Fly-in survived & thrived!

The 2013 Lady Taildraggers fly-in

Item mysteriously found hanging from my spade early Sunday morning – a hot-pink thong

Person(s) responsible not yet identified. Just a matter of time…..  🙂

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Who thinks our 2013 Lady Taildraggers fly-in was a success?!! Oh, you know what I think – it was way too FUN not to be! We were dealt a crappy hand when it came to the weather but we survived and thrived. Here are a few of the ladies who battled the weather and made their way to Savannah, TN.

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Lynn O’Donnell from Spruce Creek, Daytona, Florida in her Stinson S-108

Post IMG_3035

 A pretty pose by Lisa Heinze

Post IMG_3048Wendy Lessig from Salt Lake City, Utah in her PA12 Cub

Post IMG_3005Katie Mullins from Hartselle, AL in her Cherokee 180 (soon to have a taildragger!)

Post IMG_3033Livia from Tullahoma, TN in her SA100 Starduster 1

Post IMG_3107

Savannah Weaver from Elmore, AL flying a Cessna 205

Post IMG_3220

 Cathy Page from Tucson, AZ in her RV6

Post IMG_3202Sydney Barnes from Williston, TN showing off her Glider License

Post IMG_3053

Sandy Maurer from Cleveland, OH and Anne-Marie LaPointe from Wyoming, Ontario Canada in Sandy’s Grumman Cheetah

Post IMG_3357

This little lady flew the family Cessna 180 from Pine Mountain, Georgia.

Post IMG_3208

Donna Guerin flew her & husband Mike’s C182 from Woodville, AL so she could bring hubby and friends along. Donna also has a “Crimson” Supercub.

Post IMG_3112

Amber Smith from Muscles Shoals, AL flew her Dad’s J3 Cub

Post IMG_2982

I flew my Rans S7 with Supercub pilot Anne Wright

Post IMG_2959

I’m missing pictures for a couple more ladies who flew in – still searching! Quite a few guys flew in too so hope to have those pictures up soon. There are so many great pictures from the flyin. Thank you to everyone who flew in and drove in.

Lots to follow – check back as more pictures are added.

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