Sandy Newfang (Florida)

Update from Sandy Newfang! Sandy’s now based at X39, Tampa North Airpark, Tampa, Florida.

I so need to update you on the latest!  First! Dan and I were finally married on New Years Eve…we even bought a house next to the airpark here at X39 (Tampa North Airpark) the same week. I’ve had a name change! Old name Sandy Krier – New name Sandy Newfang.

Dan & Sandy Newfang, Tailwheel training in “Sassy”

Second, I finally got my tailwheel endorsement today! After grounding my plane for maintenance due to excessive water in the fuel a few months ago, I was without a plane! Sure we have “Sassy” our Cessna Aerobat 150M Taildragger, but I couldn’t log any take offs or landings. By April I was not only “not current” but my flight review had expired as well. Dan and I had been completely overwhelmed with our other obligations (in both the time and money categories), but I was getting downright cranky being grounded. We decided enough was enough and headed to Preston Aviation at KGIF (Winter Haven) to get this done!

Tim and Peggy at Preston Aviation are awesome! I went, I flew, I got the endorsement! It took a couple of days in the J-3 Cub, and my right arm is really tired, but I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Brand new Tailwheel Endorsement, June 17, 2012!!

So I married the man of my dreams, we have a house next to the airpark, and now I’m a real “Taildragging Lady”!

My special “Taildragger Shoes” 🙂

Thank you, and looking forward to getting together with the other Ladies Love Taildraggers members.

Sandy Newfang

X39, Tampa North Airpark

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