The Secret to Life: Taildragging

I declare, as the guru of ladies who love taildraggers, I get the most fascinating emails, Facebook messages and Tweets from the opposite sex. They are always entertaining and, when they appear, the funnest little treats. Generally they are charming, endearing and intriguing messages from men who visit and recognize we’ve found the secret to a happy life. A very happy, fun, taildragging filled life, and they want to share the fun! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that. They should envy us!

Here is today’s email that’s totally anonymous to you. I won’t take a chance on embarrassing this gentleman but if you are a European lady taildragger pilot who would like to know more, just let me know. I’ll be happy to make the connection. But don’t let me keep you in suspense ……….


I am a 40 year old man living in Paris, France. I am passionate about aeronautics and I have developed a strong interest for the history of aviation and vintage aircrafts. Today I have a dream: my dream is to fly in a taildragger. I have been reading your web site for years and I love it. You are doing a great job to promote taildraggers and the wonderful ladies that pilot them. I could be wrong but I am under the impression that female pilots are much more capable, responsible and enthusiastic than male pilots.
So my greatest dream would actually be to fly with a female pilot. Do you think there would be any chance to turn this dream into reality? I thought that maybe I could contact the European ladies by email and ask them if they would accept to take a passenger. Of course I will cover the costs of the fly and more if needed.

Thank you very much in advance for your answer and your help.

Best regards,


Ladies, email me at for contact info.


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