The Corn Stars!!

These girls crack me up! Yep, all Lady Taildraggers in an Iowa cornfield this past summer.

Cessna 150-152 Club pilots aka CORN STARS!! — Brenda Kroening – MN, Deanna McAlister – MI, Jessica Tidd – MI, Catherine Cavagnaro – TN, Sandy Newfang – FL

Ya gotta love it –  the Sky Goddesses! Sounds like these ladies love their C150’s & C152’s but rest assured they’ve got taildraggin in their blood too. Sandy’s got a Texas Taildragger & Brenda a Super Cub.

Wondering what the “Corn Stars” is all about? Check out Craig Morgan’s “Corn Star” video and you’ll understand!

 Brenda Morehart Kroening, 2012 harvest

Tractors at a fly-in! Who could a guessed?!


Brenda, you gotta get to our next Ladies Love Taildraggers fly-in and teach us all some moves!

Trying to teach Jill the Super Star pose in front of my pretty Cub. We clearly have some work to do.

Thanks Sky Goddesses for the great pictures. You’re all proof that Flyin’ and Fun just go together!

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