The Sun’ll Come Out Tomorrow…..oh, make that Today!

Winter totally SUCKS! This picture was what it looked like in Indianapolis just a few days ago – snow, wind, sub-zero temperatures, fog and worst of all, short (dark) days. I thrive on sunshine and can’t imagine how people in Alaska keep sane for all those cold, dark months. IMG_5484But it’s not all bad. I talked the Boydster into building me a taildragger smack dab in the middle of my driveway while we were shoveling snow! The fun was short lived because it was quickly shoveled away too, but it was long enough to make being stuck at home a little more fun. IMG_5479 Today though, the temperature finally rose, the low ceilings cleared and the sun came out. And you know what that means….the Rans S7 is going to fly and I’m going to be flying it! IMG_5497 The mountains of snow have had a couple days to start melting but the piles at the airport could still be here come spring. IMG_5501 I got a big kick out of just being airborne again, flying around looking at the patterns of snow on the frozen lakes and in the farm fields. IMG_5505 I had a blast up there without really going anywhere. Sometimes nowhere in particular is good enough. 🙂 IMG_5513 If you’ve got an airplane at your disposal, or a friend with one, I hope you’re not waiting for spring to fly. There’s a lot of great flying waiting for anyone who’s got the gumption to bundle up, preheat and dig out if necessary. IMG_5508 Happy flying!

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