There’s Always Room For Another Pair Of Shoes!

LadiesLoveTaildraggers Haunted Flying Tour Checklist

  • Stakes
  • Simple snacks
  • Stripper Stilettos!

That’s right, a pair of slinky, sexy, girly high heels will be our calling card at all the airports we visit. We’ll proudly position them in front of our wheels every night (26″, 29″ or 31″ bush wheels, 850’s, whatever ya got) and tuck them back into our baggage compartments for our next stop.

And no, it wasn’t my idea but I love it! A very fun lady taildragger pilot who’ll be part of our Flying Tour suggested it today and just cracked me up. She tells me she’s already visited her local Goodwill and they had a treasure trove of foxy footwear. Stop by one and pick up a pair for yourself, whether they fit or not!

Fashionable red classic high heeled stilettos.

Stilettos Fit for Texas!

Oh, Yummy.

Oh baby, lookin’ good! And remember “There’s always room for another pair of shoes”

The LLT pilot with this great idea prefers to remain anonymous which is kind of funny. You can’t beat a good mystery on a Haunted Flying Tour!

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