Theresa Berthelsdorf (Oregon)

Theresa Berthelsdorf is based at McMinnville Municipal Airport (KMMV), McMinnville, Oregon and flies an Interstate Cadet.

I learned how to fly back in the 1980s in Piper Colts and Cherokees in Annapolis, MD. But a Cessna 120 stole my heart and for twenty years N89658 was my airplane of choice.

I started an aerial photography business in MD and the 120 was the perfect photo platform for my work. I moved to the Tampa, Fl area in 1991 and flew the 120 down to my new home in 1992, and continued my photo work there. Sadly, when my husband passed away in 2004, I had to sell my beloved 120 to pay the bills. But fate has been good to me. I live in Oregon now.  I have remarried and my husband Victor and I have a 1942 Interstate Cadet that I am learning to love.

It’s completely different from the 120-throttle’s in the left hand, passenger is behind, not next to, and without an electrical system, hand propping becomes an art form. But the little Cadet is light on the controls, gentle in stalls, and happy in the kind of flying I like best- “putzing around”.

“I am happy to find this site and look forward to meeting some more lady taildragger pilots!”


  • christina chapman
    Posted at 18:06h, 02 June Reply


    Come to Idaho this summer and meet some of the finest and most fun women pilots out there at the Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure. Check it out on this site or my own You will love the learning and recreation. Plenty of aerial photography to be had in the backcountry–just amazing. AOPA, WIA, EAA plan to send writers. Maybe you could get an aerial shot or two published??? Never know. Think ’bout it! BTW, I lived in Annapolis before moving west 30 years ago. Graduated Severna Park High School.Small world!

  • Theresa Berthelsdorf
    Posted at 14:07h, 09 November Reply

    Hi Vanessa,
    I am looking forward to meeting you!

  • Vanessa Nelson
    Posted at 20:02h, 06 November Reply

    What a cute Cadet you have! I sometimes get to practice landings at McMinnville and will keep my eye out for you – that pretty blue paint job looks really easy to spot! I’m nearby, at Twin Oaks! When the weather’s nicer, I’d really like to host a local gathering of pilots from this site. Have fun!

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