Through the Mountain Pass to Triple Tree!

Today was surely one of my most adventurous flying days this summer. We were a flight of two, a Supercub and a Rans S7 heading to the famous Triple Tree South Carolina Fly-in. Bill and Yvette Tracy in their Supercub, with giant Alaskan bush wheels, and me in my Rans S7 with sad by comparison 800’s.

Bill & Yvette in their Supercub

Bill & Yvette in their Supercub (photo by other)

Our meet up point was Cynthiana-Harris Airport in Kentucky, a 3 hour early morning flight for them and a one hour flight for me. I smiled all the way to Cynthiana catching a nice tailwind and cooking along at 105 knots.


  • Flying through the Cumberland Gap

    Flying through the Cumberland Gap


    I didn’t think it was bumpy but my camera did!


We flew the pass s.w. of Asheville’s Class C airspace and saw some beautiful country along the way.


View from Mike Sizemore’s Cessna on short final at Triple Tree.


We made it and got here early enough to snag a great tiedown/camping spot.


Come prepared to fight off a few flying critters. Lucky for me, Yvette was prepared.


This place is amazing. Yes, I love my parking spot on the creek!


Triple Tree Super Volunteer Pam Fowler and 93 year old Triple Tree’s hardest working volunteer. When we met I said “Don’t get up!” to which he replied “How else can I get a hug?” He cracked me up with a bear hug you wouldn’t believe!

People, this place is awesome. Come if you can. The party started today but continues through Sunday so you’ve plenty of time to get here. Thursday is “Grill your own filet” night! I’m here and I’m ready for the task. LadiesLoveTaildraggers meet up Friday @ 5:00 pm. Come see us!!

Don't come cause it's

Triple Tree is down-hill landing to the south so be aware. The bermuda grass is so spectacular I had to take a picture. Bill in his Supercub may have marshmellow landings everywhere he goes but we all get to enjoy a cushy landing here!

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