Thumbs Down on today’s AOPA Aviation eBrief Survey

If you’re on AOPA’s weekly Aviation eBrief you may have already taken today’s survey. Online surveys are a good way to engage people and glean some interesting information along the way. I actually enjoy visiting websites where they post a short, simple survey question of the day, especially when they immediately take you to the results page. Today’s AOPA question is a good one –  but the answer choices threw me a curve ball.


Question:  Does your spouse or significant other enjoy aviation?

Vote He/she is trying to find a way to buy our own aircraft
Vote He/she would like to learn to fly
Vote He/she enjoys flying with me
Vote He/she allows me to fly, but has no interest in participating
Vote No — he/she thinks I should stop flying


I sure am glad to see they aren’t using their results for research purposes because they’re missing part of the demographic. A big part when it comes to our LadiesLoveTaildraggers members! The missing question is:

“My spouse is a pilot AND enjoys flying with me!?!”

Come on AOPA, are you not reading this website? We are ladies who love to fly taildraggers and any other airplane we can get our hands on. Some are single ladies, some are married, some are still shopping around. 🙂 But if there’s one overwhelming thing that comes through load and clear, it’s that many of our members have significant others who are just as passionate about flying as they are. That may even be what brought them together to begin with.


I’m sorry to see AOPA doesn’t recognize this joint passion serious enough to include in their survey.


Visit the link if you’d like to vote. It’s way down the page though  Aviation eBrief

Darlene Kellog on wedding day

Lady Taildragger pilot Darlene Kellogg Rudisill and new hubby- Wedding day!

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