Thursday 2014 AirVenture

Lady Taildragger pilots; we come in all sizes at OSH. 🙂
I had a little fun hanging out with Mennonite Highlander pilot, Ivy, and Howard DGA pilot Trish Volker in the Vintage area this morning.

That’s because Ray Johnson featured lady pilots in today’s Vintage in Review, including Ladies Love Taildraggers. The stands were full!

Here’s Ray interviewing Trish on the pad in Vintage, right in front of her beautiful Howard DGA.

Today’s participants included Romo Albrecht talking about her C140, myself, Ray, Trish and Jan Johnson talking about Elsie, her C195. Thank you to all the ladies who spoke and were there supporting LadiesLoveTaildraggers!

Did I really eat the biggest burger on the planet with Anne, Brenda and Kate looking on just now?! NO, but in the real world burgers don’t get much bigger than this one!

And on the serious side, I bumped into the team of judges who will soon determine the aircraft builders award winners in Homebuilts. Saturday night, they will award the Gold, Silver and Bronze Lindys for Plans Built and Kit Built. They are about to make some excellent craftsmen/women happy for the rest of their lives.

And for anybody that says OSH is one big party…….you are so right! Thanks Dan for the invitation to your hangar party and the chance to watch the night airshow with your fun friends!


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