Thursday Early Arrival Day @ the LadiesLoveTaildraggers C77 Fly-in!

Lady taildragger pilots, get yourself to the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in at C77, Poplar Grove Airport. Today was early arrival day.  We spent the early part of the day setting up for an afternoon of welcoming lady taildragger pilots. We also had a lot of fun with an early morning flight with Tina Thomas in her Waco SRE and an afternoon flight with Ken Morris in his and Lorraine Morris’ Beech 18.

Tina Thomas in her Waco SRE, morning flight with Kate and Judy.

Bird’s eye view of C77

Welcoming committee!

Beech 18, flight crew of 7, piloted by Ken Morris

Ellen Fortin from Michigan in her Fairchild 24

Christine Rusbarsky from Massachusetts in her C170

Livia Meuer from Tennessee in the Rans S20 homebuilt she recently completed.

Terri Hull from Ohio in her RV6

Val Slocum from Tennessee in her Cessna 195

Jeanne Batto from Madison, Indiana in her Aeronca Champ

Hella Comat from Ontario, Canada in her Pitts Special S1T

Welcoming Bill & Yvette in their Supercub

Kelly Jeffries from right here at C77 flying a RV8. Kelly is the powerhouse behind this year’s LLT flyin and we owe a huge THANK YOU to Kelly and the other local volunteers for making it happen.

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