Thursday: Ladies Love Taildraggers Day in Vintage at AirVenture

Thursday was LadiesLoveTaildraggers Day in “Vintage” at AirVenture and what a cool thing it was!

During AirVenture, Ray Johnson hosts the daily program “Vintage In Review” in the Vintage Red Barn area and invited us to select 3 women taildragger pilots to display and speak about themselves and their aircraft.

Ray and I got the ball rolling with a short introduction about LadiesLoveTaildraggers and how it began. Ray’s an easy going, fun guy to talk with and always makes things interesting for his audience.

Deb Ings from Colorado flew her 1956 Piper Pacer to Oshkosh with her young son sitting right seat. She spoke about her lifelong interest in flying, the C140 she used to own, the Pacer she now flies and her 20 year career flying for the airlines.

Lisa Haag from Houston, Texas talked about driving by her local airport, thinking about someday learning to fly and how she finally cut a deal to trade services for flying lessons. Lisa owns a C140 and displayed and spoke about the Stearman she and her husband own and flew to Oshkosh.

Meredith Tcherniavsky from Rockville, Maryland is on an adventure you may have already read about. She and her husband, Dana Holladay, are spending the summer flying their 1938 J3 Cub to all the lower 48 states. Meredith is a CFII and even though she can provide instrument instruction, had never flown a tail wheel aircraft till they bought the Cub. Suddenly, she was the student again and her husband the tailwheel instructor. They are on an incredible journey with only one requirement – be home by Labor Day. Meredith is writing a book which will be published shortly after their trip is complete. Check out their website at

Participating in Ray’s “Vintage in Review” program was a ton of fun and gave us all an opportunity to talk about what’s dear to each of us about aviation.

Many thanks to Deb, Lisa & Meredith and our host, Ray Johnson, founder of the Fly/In Cruise/In!

  • Marta perez
    Posted at 21:36h, 06 August Reply

    Judy , i went to osh kosch , from sunday to thursday, it was awsome ,we flew in an rv10 with ALex dominicis from osh kosch to appleton . It was great!!!!! Look the pi tires in my Facebook as Nan segura

  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 07:43h, 27 July Reply

    Was it recorded? I would love to hear the stories…maybe I’lkl just have to get braver and go some day.

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