Tia Robertson (Georgia)

New pictures from Tia!!

Tia Robertson is based at 5GA4, Air Acres Airport, Woodstock, Georgia.

Last spring my husband and I went to Winterhaven, FL to get a seaplane rating. It was so much fun!!!!! Now we are hooked and are talking about getting something of our own on floats.

I earned my private pilot license in a Luscombe 8E March 8th 1981. A few days later the Luscombe and I were on our way to the Sun-N-Fun Fly-in! I continued to build time and add an instrument & multi-engine rating, commercial, CFI and a few years later was flying Jetstreams for a commuter in Atlanta. A few more years and hours and I was hired by Eastern Airlines.

I’ve got my head down checking a few last minute things before the maiden voyage after some major restoration. It now has an 85 HP Continental and a wind driven alternator. It is so nice to have radios and a starter! We finished painting the grey stripes a few weeks later.

I went out on strike in 1989 and was later hired by United Airlines where I progressed from the engineers seat of a 727 to the right seat of a 737-200 then 757 and 767. In 2001 I took an early retirement to spend more time with my young family. I was a 737-500 Captain at the time. My husband and I have a Cessna 195 that we have had for 16 years and a Taylorcraft that has been with us for 29 years.

A friend took this picture of me leaving a beautiful flying community southeast of ATL

I love taildraggers because they just feel right! I wish I could make it up to the Dayton Fly-in but my youngest will be going off to college next week and I have much to do!

My husband Phillip and I with our 195 and Taylorcraft. After many years of making do with the limited amount of camping gear I could get in the Luscombe or Taylorcraft it sure is nice to have the extra space!

Tia Robertson

My husband bought a Fat Bob on Craig’s List in Jacksonville, FL so I flew him down to pick it up. It was a brisk winter day and he almost froze to death riding it home! Our son and his friend (pictured) flew home with me.

From Judy: I left a note on this beautiful 195 at Oshkosh after I heard a woman had flown it in. You know I’d give my eye teeth for a beautiful 195! When I heard it belonged to a woman it made my day.  OK, she shares it with her husband but all the better…. he’s got to be one happy guy. They’ve got a 195 and his wife loves to fly it!! Unfortunately, Tia left me a message they were heading out before I could meet her but she did register on Ladies Love Taildraggers. Thanks Tia!

  • Sharon Tinkler
    Posted at 17:28h, 02 December Reply


    Shoot me a text at 931-307-6532 with your email address? I can give you a little more information.


  • Sharon Tinkler
    Posted at 21:25h, 01 December Reply


    It was nice to meet you at JZP today. I hope one day you and Deb can c’mon over here to Tullahoma for a visit. If it’s a Saturday then I would like to take you guys over to a unique restaurant in Normandy, TN, run by a couple of girlpilots who are pretty unique. Rhonda and Nikki flew quite a historic flight years ago… http://www.bridgeofwings.com will tell the story. The restaurant is only open Sat and Sunday. On SAturday the meat they serve is smoked for 15 hours! If you come any other day of the week we’ll just have to make do with the luscombe 🙂

    • Judy Birchler
      Judy Birchler
      Posted at 22:21h, 01 December Reply

      OMG Sharon, I’ve been trying to get in touch with Rhonda or Nikki for a long time. Rhonda used to keep in touch but I’ve lost track of her. I had no idea they’d opened a restaurant. Holy cow! Next time you see Rhonda please tell her to send me a note. Or better yet, what’s the restaurant? I REALLY wanted them to come to our flyin in 2012 but didn’t work out.

  • Chuck Maire
    Posted at 20:43h, 21 July Reply

    Hey Tia, it’s was nice to see you and your husband at the fly-in. Sorry we did not get to visit more. I looked over your Taylorcraft and tried to find you again. Nice plane, it has a full panel compared to mine. Had to move on and left without getting contact info from you guys. Let’s talk Taylorcraft sometime. Email me or give me a call. Just Google my name and you can find me.

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