Time to Design the 2014 LLT Fly-in Tshirt!

Design our Tshirt

Hey people, I am struggling big time and hope somebody can come to the rescue. We need a really cool, awe inspiring t-shirt design for our 2014 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Fly-in and nothing I’m coming up with is doing it for me. Here are pics of 2 designs but I’m not feeling the love.

Option 1


Option 2


We need a fun, colorful design that just screams “taildraggers!” and I know somebody out there has one up there sleeve. So if you’re feeling artsy, or know somebody that is, this is your chance! PLEASE send me your graphic design ideas. If you’re good, like I know you are, we’ll pick the best and reproduce on a whole bunch of tshirts. Send to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com. Design requirements:

  • Must include a drawing of all or part of a taildragger
  • Must include the text “Ladies Love Taildraggers” & “2014 Fly-in”
  • Have no more than 4 colors in design
  • No photo images

Remember, send your artwork to LadyTaildraggers@gmail.com. I will post all designs submitted. May the best design win!

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