To all lady taildragger pilots heading home from OSH!

A special invitation to all lady taildragger pilots from Sharon & Bill Tinkler…..

Hello LLT!

Bill and I are sitting at home in Tullahoma, TN, wondering how we can join the fun. So here’s what we came up with.  🙂

If anyone flying home from OSH12 needs a place to stay, c’mon to our house in the air park on the southern border of Tullahoma Airport in Middle Tennessee. The house is open to you and we have hangar space on the field as well as at the house. I have uploaded progressive taxi instructions and I hope that worked. I included a narrative as well as a current google earth picture.    The north side of the house is all yours. So’s the ramp.  Look for a bright yellow luscombe on the ramp or in the yard to mark the place.

We mentioned this idea to Klaus and Brenda who live 2 doors down from us and they are “in” as well – opening up 2 more bedrooms. It was Klaus and Brenda who flew me over to Savannah for the LLT flyin when I didn’t have an engine on the Luscombe. We’ll feed you in exchange for hearing all the stories!

We will be home all week or nearby on the cell at 931-307-6532. Friend us on Facebook “Sharon-Bill Tinkler”. Or just show up!  We’ll know who and what you are. If we fill up, camping is good – in the yard or in the hangar or, as usually happens, in the living room. Usually we leave the radio on CTAF 123.00 at the house so hopefully we would hear you.

Bill’s in a wheelchair and needs care thoughout the day so come ready to go with the flow. If the weather is bad, he has his library ready to entertain you from his NASM Docent days.

Sharon and Bill


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