Today’s “Hagerstown Flying Circus” Visit

I got to zip over to Hagerstown, Indiana in the S7 late this afternoon for the yearly gathering of antique & vintage aircraft. Yep, I know it’s strange having a flyin on a Tuesday, but this is the 4th year they met on the Tuesday before Oshkosh for a gathering loved by the locals and held at the small town, grass strip. Led by Andrew King, the pilot from the movie “Fly Boys,” vintage & antique aircraft descended on Hagerstown in preparation for the big fly-in to Oshkosh. “The Hagerstown Airport is great,” says King, “We loved it the past three years. It’s not often we get to see such a large airport that’s also a grassy airport. Old planes like grass because that’s what they were built for.”

The Wright Flyer flew in from Dayton and I managed to get a close up shot on its departure

I have to say, I got a little concerned when it departed downwind to please the crowd that was gathered on the north end of the strip. Hagerstown has about 4,000 lovely feet of grass so a downwind departure in about 8 kts normally wouldn’t be a big deal in most aircraft but this reproduction with an O-360 Lycoming still struggled to get up and around (not over) the trees! It came back around for a slow speed flyby and then headed back to Dayton before sunset.

Judy (me) & Juliet Lindrooth in front of friend, Paul Fuller's Great Lakes Biplane

So, I’m hanging out, minding my own business at Hagerstown and surprise, up comes this happy lady asking me, “Is your name Judy?!” Holy cow, turns out to be lady taildragger pilot, Juliet Lindrooth, from Pennsylvania who flew in solo for today and the rest of the trek to Oshkosh. Now it was getting very interesting! Juliet owns and flies a very special antique airplane, a 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird BK.

Juliet's Brunner Winkle Bird

Sadly, she wasn’t able to bring it on this trip but I was happy to see her in her Grumman Tiger. But not to despair, she WILL be flying a taildragger for the next 2 weeks courtesy of a friend – and it’s a Champ so she’ll have a wonderful time!

The ground loop!

OK, new and old tailwheel pilots beware, I learned tonight you can mow down some nice looking Indiana corn if you’re not prepared. This Luscombe made his approach and landing a little too close to the corn on the east side of the strip and somehow ended up doing a quick ground loop through the corn. No damage though – just a lot of corn stalks hanging from the tail feathers and down the runway.

There were 3 nice looking Stearmans doing fly-bys tonight!

Juliet and I sure enjoyed finding ourselves at a grass strip in middle of Indiana tonight, surrounded by corn and bean fields!

It was kind of a fluke that I even flew over there tonight but so happy I did. Sure was great meeting you, Juliet, and look forward to catching up with you at OSH! Don’t forget ladies, we’re meeting for lunch on Tuesday, July 26 at the Hilton Terrace Restaurant past the north 40 at 11:30 for lunch – join us lady pilots – tailwheel or nosewheel!

It’s also lady taildraggers day in Vintage on Wednesday, July 27,  so be there to support your taildragger pilots at 11:00!!



  • Andy Heins
    Posted at 08:37h, 21 July Reply

    Judy….we had planned a mass Waco arrival for Tuesday with Susan in the Waco RNF, me in the YKC-S Cabin, hangar partner Tim in the Waco KNF and my brother in his Waco CRG. However, all of us had to work Tuesday so the plans were to come over around 5pm and stay until 8-830. Since it was 100 degrees here (and there), we all agreed that it was just too hot to spend $150 in gas per airplane to just be hot and miserable and have a bumpy ride all the way there and back. Sorry we missed you! We did however, see the replica 1911 Wright fly over as we were driving home from dinner on its return flight.

  • Susan
    Posted at 15:49h, 20 July Reply

    I will add a couple tidbits here — Judy mentioned Andrew as the Pilot in the movie “Flyboys” which he was — but the even more closely connected movie is “Barnstorming” — which is how the Hagarstown Fly-in got started. It actually started in a farm field — but the year after the movie came out — it was moved to Hagarstown, as it was just getting to big to have at the farm any more.

    If you’ve not seen the movie — it is being shown every day at OSH — you will want your own copy — trust me on this 🙂


  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 13:19h, 20 July Reply

    Oh that looks like fun. You have so many fly-ins around you!

    • Mary Anne Butters
      Posted at 09:32h, 13 July Reply

      Wonderful comments… we love you pilots here in Hagerstown, Indiana. The weather will be much better this year — so we’re hoping you all can fly in early next Tuesday, July 17! Andrew King and Friends will again treat us to their talents at the 6 p.m. main event. Stop by the Pilot’s Welcome Tent near the hangar for your “Welcome to Hagerstown” kit.
      Mary Anne Butters
      Hagerstown Flying Circus

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