Tony Buttacavoli: Random things I love about flying a taildragger

It’s MEN’s day on LadiesLoveTailddraggers with several guys telling us what it is they love about flying taildraggers!

Tony  Buttacavoli is from Commerce, MI and flies a Douglas DC-3C/C47D 1945. Here’s Tony’s 8 random things he loves about flying the DC-3/C47D.

Tony says “The DC3 and I go back 25 years, I flew them for love and money the first 10, now its just for love.”

#1 Her Art Deco lines.

#2 The way she starts up with a snuffle and a clatter wreathed in clouds of white oil smoke.

#3 The way I feel like a true pilot when I fly her.

#4 Sunshine reflecting off those long wings.

#5 The way that crosswinds demand my full attention.

#6 Her history, USAAC, then USAF, then aeronautical research, then the museum.

Hanna and I, C47

#7  Sharing the cockpit with my 6 year old daughter.

#8  The all encompassing bellowing baritone and bass round engine symphony of a full power 48″ takeoff.


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  • Adam wagstaffe
    Posted at 14:25h, 22 September Reply

    Could you re connect be with Toy?

    Tony Buttacavoli
    Mon, 29 Jul 2002 18:11:02 -0700 (PDT)

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    Adam,I am glad to hear that Enterprise AIr is still operating their DC-3’s and their Twin Beech.All my memories of Oshawa are fond ones,I think the last time I flew in there was the summer of ’97.When we sold the 3’s that fall that was the end of CYOO for us,the Convairs needed at least 5000 ft so we started flying into Peterborough instead.(Another nice ‘drome).Glad you remember us Yanks fondly,Oshawa was one of my favorite stations.Take care friend.tonyb
    Adam Wagstaffe wrote: Well, Eldon Station is about 20 miles east of Beaverton, 10 miles north of Woodville and 50 miles north of Oshawa ( where my Aeronca is “working towards “Tuesday”” ) I have a 1600′ grass strip and a 64×40 “barn” with two 18’ sliding doors for my bad tractor driving!. Oshawa, Tony, is now without the old Flying Club, but still has Enterprise Air, with the two DC3;s and a Beach18 as well as two flying schools and ” Corporate Aircraft Restorations” who are doing a lot of the fine work for me.( they just finished a beautiful “Cub” that was at Lockhaven and the big “O”).I remember the American DC3’s arriving in the mid to late 90’s with parts for GM Canada…always a treat to see them land and the pilots ( maybe yourself) so friendly and worldly. The airport has a 7AC(L16convert) AN2, PA11,120,140,180+tin bins and the Harvards and Moth visit oftenAdam—– Original Message —– From: Spence, Mike To: ‘’ Sent: Monday, July 29, 2002 9:27 AMSubject: RE: [f-AA] New Recruit
    Hey Adam: What do you mean by (Oshawa and Eldon station)? Where is Eldon Station? Mike—–Original Message—–
    From: Tony Buttacavoli []
    Sent: Saturday, July 27, 2002 10:18 AM

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