Tori Williams (Kentucky)

Tori Williams is based at I39, Madison Airport, Richmond, Kentucky.

Tori Williams6

I am currently a freshmen in the professional flight program at Eastern Kentucky University. I earned my Private Pilot license in high school and I am currently working on my Instrument rating at EKU. I fly with foggles during the week in a Cessna 172, but on the weekends I fly with my boyfriend in his Stinson 10A.

Tori Williams

We met last summer when he flew into an airport where I was helping host an Aviation Day. His 1941 Stinson was a restoration project that his father and grandparents had beautifully completed. I had flown in an Aeronca Champ once before I met him, but flying in the Stinson was a very unique and fun experience.

Tori Williams2

Once we started dating he taught me how to take off and cruise in the tailwheel, and I am going to get my tailwheel signoff when I can fly with his instructor during the summer. I have a passion for both modern and vintage aircraft and look forward to flying many more tailwheel planes in the future.

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My love for taildraggers has grown after every flight in the Stinson! I used to be scared to handle the controls on his precious airplane, but now I fly during most of our trips. We flew it up to AirVenture this year, which was a real treat.

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I also write about my flying experiences on my blog,, and general aviation articles on the blog at

It is a pleasure being part of this site!
Tori Williams
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