Trish Volker (New York)

Trish Volker is based at KIAG, Niagara Falls International Airport, Niagara Falls, New York. We met Trish at AirVenture 2014 and were thrilled Trish joined us for Ray Johnson’s “Vintage In Review” program on Thursday, Ladies Day! She’s flying one COOL taildragger. 🙂

IMG_6936 cropped

I am a relatively new pilot with under 400 hours. I got my PPL in a 172 and then my taildragger endorsement in a 7AC Champ. I was lucky enough to have some aerobatic coaching in an Extra 300L and placed well in my first (and last…I don’t have the time to keep up my G tolerance) contest.

I had the joy of meeting Judy at OSH 2014 and am thrilled to be a new LLT member. I have a 1942 Howard DGA 15P and yes..DGA does stand for Damn Good Airplane. It’s powered by a P&W 985 and is an offspring of the 1935 Bendix award winner Mr Mulligan, a DGA 6. 

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