‘Two Pilots, One Plane’ by Kelly Jeffries

Here….. by popular demand, the encore performance of “Two Pilots, One Plane” written & performed by Kelly Jeffries. Kelly performed for us Friday night at the Lady Taildraggers Fly-in and was such a hit she did a repeat performance Saturday night!

Two Pilots, One Plane by Kelly Jeffries

It’s not always easy but it can be fun, when you got two pilots but the airplane is one.
We started our adventure October ’03 with several crates of airplane parts, all for me.
Well not really for me before you can panic, it was built for me, I sleep with my mechanic.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, we’re going to have a really sweet plane.
My part in the process was simple or so I thought, clean the house, feed the wrench turner and fly the plane I bought.
But I was mistaken from day number one, and the problem all started with that silly intercom.
See we live in an airpark and the hangar is right there, it’s great for building an airplane to share.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, my husband really is building us a plane.
So we have an intercom to call from hangar and back, so simple and cheap, damn you Radio Shack!
For providing the means for hubby to say, hurry up, get over here, I need you right away!
 In my head I repeat this simple refrain, when this is all over, I’ll have a new plane.
He’s wedged in the tail with his butt in the air, get me the thing, the THING, it’s right over there!
Which thing is the thing I say with a shout, how in the hell am I supposed to figure this out?
The RED AND BLACK HANDLED THING you should know how I think, couldn’t build this without it, don’t be such a dink.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, when this is all over, I’ll have a new plane.
Hold the bucking bar, the level, the engine, the wing, I guess I’m good for holding nearly everything.
In his defense, he’s a type A, a stereotypical model, which means that in building, he sure didn’t dawdle.
So on a sleety winters day, March of 2005, the FAA man and the Special Airworthiness Certificate did arrive.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, now inspection is over, I’ve got a new plane.
Hubby is repairman and test pilot too; fly off 40 hours and test phase is through.
When the test flying is finally over and done; let’s get in the plane and head for Sun-n-Fun.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, test flying is over, let me fly my new plane.
Now is my chance to say with a swagger; I’m one of those Ladies that flies a Taildragger.
But my tailwheel time is actually kinda thin; do I really know what I’m getting in?
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, whatever you do, don’t f ** up this plane!
Well with that all behind me it’s time to head out, ‘cuz flying places is what Fifi’s all about.
Now hold on a second, with takeoff time at hand; here’s two headstrong flyers, who’s pilot-in-command?
In my head I repeat this simple refrain; perhaps we should have built a second airplane.
We’ll do it like the airlines, as we do everyday; switch flying each leg is the easiest way.
Now many of you know that’s easier said than done; when aforementioned spouse is Type A number one.
So we found out from the start through trial and error; that letting him fly, causes him much less terror.
But before you think our flying together is grim, it’s not; but you have to know the partner you’ve got.
It’s give and take in flying and in life; if you really stand a chance as husband and wife.
In my head I repeat this simple refrain, I flew here alone in my pretty airplane.
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