U.S.A. Perimeter Flight: Planning the adventure of a lifetime

That’s right, two of us are planning the adventure of our lifetimes – the TWO being me and the love of my life, my husband, Boyd. For those that don’t know Boyd, he’s a former (very) small business owner, psychology major, father, grandfather, a SPECTACULAR pilot and my inspiration! After a lifetime of gainful employment and business ownership, he’s thrown in his hat and is DONE WITH WORKING!

WooHoo! And that makes 2 of us. I too gave it up 14 months ago when, after 32 years with the same company, I walked away. I’m not recommending anyone do what I did (get so fed up you walk out the door) but if you’re not happy, I highly recommend making a change. Bar none, the best decision I ever made!

Now, after years of togetherness, we’re both free to FLY – at the same time! Thank heaven Boyd has always been OK with flying along with me anywhere I’m determined to go. And thank heaven he’s also good with me flying off by myself or with anybody I see fit. It’s the secret to a pilot’s successful marriage! But now it’s time for our own monumental, celebratory flight. A flight that fills the void of all those years of 7 day max destinations. One that covers some familiar territory but includes miles and miles of spectacular land we’ve never covered before. You guessed it – we’re planning to fly the perimeter of the United States – all 8,878 miles of it! We’ll be sharing stick time and circumnavigate our way around the lower 48.

  • the U.S.- Canadian border is 3,283 miles,
  • the U.S.-Mexican border is 1,386 miles
  • the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts are 1,719, 1,315, and 1,175 miles respectively

Our goal is to fly the border as much as possible and deviate here and there for maximum fun. If you registered on Bed, Breakfast & Beyond, our Travel Registry for pilots flying cross-country, and live within a couple hundred miles of the U.S. border, you may hear from me. We’d love to meet as many taildragger pilots as possible on this trip so if you contact me, we’ll do our best to find you!

We are a few weeks away from departure but I expect we’ll head out by first of June, maybe sooner. Wish I could tell you I’m spending hours upon hours of flight planning, but truth is, we fly by the seat-of-our pants. If there are no TFR’s, the weather is good enough and we can get from Point A to Point B, that’s it. If we have to sit on the ground and wait for weather, that’s just part of the adventure.




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