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Flying a taildragger has led me to some wonderful adventures in Canada and the US, but attending the LLT events and meeting the amazing women pilots has been the best one recently!
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After earning my private license, the first thing I did was take a ten hour aerobatic course from Canadian legend Gerry Younger - a many time competitor in world aerobatic competitions and most recently the recipient of FAI Paul Tissandier award for serving sporting aviation by his work, initiative, and devotion. I competed in his Decathlon for a few years, then had a one eighth (yes, 1/8 - it was all we could afford) share of a Pitts S1S.

After a ten year foray into tricycle gear with a half share of a Cherokee with another lady and many fun adventures together, I purchased a gorgeous Pitts S1T in 2006. I flew it in almost 40 aerobatic competitions until 2017 at Intermediate and Advanced levels.

In August 2019 I pushed my limits flying into a new, narrow farmer's field, learning the really hard lesson that landing a fast taildragger with no forward visibility is a high risk with tall corn lining both sides of the strip. The wing touched the corn, flipped the aircraft, and sadly rebuilding costs were prohibitive.

So right now I'm looking for a new taildragger - with two seats, a heater, and an alternator this time!

C150, C172, Decathlon, J-3 Clipped Wing Cub, Cherokee PA28, Ercoupe, Pitts S2A, Pitts S1S, Pitts S1T

Swift, Beechcraft Staggerwing, C180, Vans RV, DC3:)

Taildraggers are a great challenge to land, I love flying with a stick as opposed to a yoke, and they're classics!

I only have a private pilot's licence, but competed in IAC aerobatic competitions for a number of years. In 2010, I was fortunate to win the Northeast Region Intermediate Championship, In 2011 I won the Mid-America Region Intermediate Championship, and in 2012 I won the Northeast Region Championship. Then I moved up to the Advanced level and flew competitions until 2018. What I liked about competing was that men and women (way too few of the latter) compete together, and the type and performance of your aircraft is not taken into account - competitors select a category based on personal skill level and the capability of their aircraft.