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Fort WhiteFL7FL7
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ATP CFI Taildragger pilot

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If it gets off the ground, I want to fly it. Each airplane teaches me something new and learning should never stop if you are an aviator. I fell in love with airplanes as a child and was blessed to have a father with an FBO/Flight School so naturally I just keep going for more...more types and more new to me experiences. I have been a CFI since 1982 and landed my first airline job in 89'. I will never be the greatest or most famous, but I am what God made me to be, curious and adventurous. I have also made a habit of building EXP on occasion, so I will be happy to share or help anyone that might venture into a new project.

PA18 thru PA-42, Cessna CE-120 thru CE-750, Beech BE-77 thru BE-1900, 7AC thru 8GCBC, Kitfox, Highlander, Rans and a bunch of random stuff.

I have always wanted to fly the Beech Staggerwing.

It is in my DNA to push forward, always learning, so flying conventional gear aircraft started as a challenge and has helped me become a more focused aviator. Let's all admit's a little bit of an ego thing....challenge accepted.

My husband Mick is retired and home all the time basically, so feel free to drop in at the Lasy S, 7FL7.