Text Messages

Am I the only person who makes flying friends in totally bizarre ways? I accidentally texted a wrong number a couple days ago and an amazing conversation with a total stranger sprang out of no where. I had no idea who I was communicating with, all I knew was it was an area code a long way from home. Freaky but so cool! My messages are the green ones.

rsz_1rsz_1rsz_img_5758 rsz_img_5759 rsz_img_5760 rsz_img_5761 rsz_img_5767 rsz_img_5762 rsz_img_5763 rsz_img_5765You just never know, mention airplanes and anything can happen.

My fingers must have been “flying” too fast – I should have said “Some” women don’t start till kids are grown. 🙂

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