Step One: Register for free membership at Registration

Important Hint:  Please be aware, if any questions are left unanswered or your newly created password is entered incorrectly, the registration will not complete.  After all questions are answered, hit the “Register” button at the bottom of the form, then WAIT a moment to see if you are taken to your new profile page. IF NOT IMMEDIATELY RE-DIRECTED, STAY ON THE SAME REGISTRATION PAGE, SCROLL TO THE TOP, AND LOOK FOR RED ERROR MESSAGES. Often the password wasn’t entered correctly or a line was left blank. You can fill those lines in and then hit “Register” again.

Step Two: Logging in and modifying your Profile

Clicking the head icon will bring up the login screen.  You may login using your email or username. If you are unable to login and believe it’s a password issue, click the “Forgot your password?” link and you will receive reset instructions via email.


You will immediately be directed to your user profile.


First, set your cover photo, i.e. the horizontal image. I suggest using a wide shot (not tall) preferably with you in it, from your plane, or of your plane, you in a plane, beside a plane, well something related to flying….

Make the adjustments by moving the light box to crop the best shot of your photo, then click Apply. If you’re not happy with it, you can always recrop it, or upload a different image.

Next upload your Profile picture (head shot), the little circle in the bottom left of the cover photo. For this picture, use the corner adjusters to really zoom in. Hit Apply.

More stuff….

Go to the tabs in your Profile and begin making it your own.  Some tabs are for information, some are for photos. Create an album of photos (think of these as groups or categories of photos). Add Photos lets you select one or more photos to drop into your album. Click “Add” after adding each photo. Make your profile interesting by adding any and all aviation photos!  Share shots of you and your flights, fly-ins, airshows and more!!

Browse through the Member Directory and Follow to add friends.  Remember, we’re all new to this so Friend options should pick up quickly.

Coming soon:

In Phase 2 you’ll be able to create posts about your travels, airplanes or other experiences for publication on the LadiesLoveTaildraggers website.

Have some fun with it and let us know if you have questions.