Valerie Dereymaeker, Lady Bush Pilot, Invites you to FLY

I’m all about supporting lady taildragger pilots and their adventures and doesn’t matter if they’re based in America or half way around the world. There are so many awesome lady taildragger pilots including one special lady pilot I’ve been following for quite a while. She was a nosedragger pilot in Belgium until she got the taildragging bug during a trip to Alaska in 2015. That experience started a chain reaction that led to a PA-18 Supercub and life hasn’t been the same for her since. Let me introduce you to Valerie Dereymaeker, a lady bush pilot, an adventurer and a flying tour guide in Belgium and beyond. Valerie’s website is and she offers flying tours and invites you to fly with her in 2018 and 2019.

Valerie Dereymaeker

[From Myriam Spira]

Valerie is a surprising person …
This blond, not very tall Lady Bush Pilot, is a great organizer.
When you join one of her rallys, you can be sure you will not forget it!
She knows how to choose beautiful places like Mont Saint Michel, Minorca … and much more.

Everything is well planned and very well structured in small groups, so that you can enjoy the genuine aviation atmosphere of small aircrafts. She pays attention to everyone making sure that everything goes well. And last but not least: lots of fun guaranteed! And that’s the most important.

Check out two of Valerie’s upcoming tours and be sure and visit her website for more.

Friedrischafen AERO
April 18, 2018 – April 22, 2018
18th April, Valerie will join her pilot friend Blaise in Geneva
19th April, Blaise and Valerie will fly to Wildberg with Blaise’s Maule HB-EVQ

Tryptic Trip Flap 3 Far South

June 01, 2018 – June 30, 2018
Mombasa > Cape Town

Adventurous pilots will fly vintage aircraft from Mombasa Airfield to Cape Town (South Africa) overflying gorgeous African landscapes.

Wow! Valerie’s flying tours across Europe and Africa have me chomping at the bit to get going and fly with her and her Supercub entourage and if you’re interested, I hope you go for it.  For me, there’s much of the U.S.A. I’ve yet to fly over and that’s #1 on my list.

Note to Valerie: Come to the U.S.A. and fly with LadiesLoveTaildraggers on our 2018 Haunted Flying Tour. We will show you the best of American and I guaranteed it will be every bit as exciting for you and your followers as Europe and Africa!


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