Valerie Phillips (UK)

Valerie Phillips is currently based at LAS, United Kingdom.

Val in Motor Tutor

I was put in touch with this site by Louise O’Grady.  I haven’t an amazing long distance flight like Lou’s in a powered aircraft add to my profile, but I have done 500+km in a glider. This is what I currently am doing.


All the photos are some of the power taildraggers which I have flown in the last year. I fly gliders by choice, they are generally taildraggers (well, sort of!) I am a gliding instructor and also a tow pilot.


This is how I get to fly so many fun aeroplanes. Over the last year I have flown a Tiger moth, T31 motor tutor, a CallAir, a Wilga, Pawnees, Supercubs, a Bellanca Scout, and a Pawnee with a water-cooled V8 in.


Anyone who has flown tow planes will understand that you do not need to worry about shock cooling, just dump the glider,close the throttle, return to earth. Much fun!!

Valerie Phillips in APC

I am currently flying in the UK but visa permitting I will be flying from Lake Keepit Soaring Club, Australia, next summer.


This is an interesting looking site you have, it’s great to keep like minded folks in touch.

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