Valerie Vaughn (Texas)

Valerie Vaughn is based at KLVJ, Pearland Regional Airport, Houston, Texas.

Valerie Vaughn & Champ

I learned to fly in 1999 in a Cessna 152 and by 2000 I was flying Citabrias and a Cessna 170. Since 2006 I’ve owned a Wittman Tailwind. I really enjoy taking trips in the Tailwind and have flown it all over the Southwest and up to Wisconsin. The Tailwind is a great traveling machine. It is easy to cover several hundred miles for a weekend trip.

 The SARL (sport air racing league) Texoma 100 Air Race. The Tailwind has the race name “Pieces of Eight”.

In 2009 I received a CFI and am currently an active flight instructor in the Houston area. My day job is in engineering. Flight instructing has been a rewarding experience to see students progress from never having been in a small plane to getting their private pilot license.

With Edna Davis, WWII WASP. She flew with me to Sweetwater, TX for their reunion.

The aviation community has been great to me and I’m proud to be a part of such a close knit group of people with a common (obsession?) love. I’m active in the EAA, Chapter 712, in La Porte. I’ve done a lot of work on my plane and still learning to be a better mechanic.


Valerie Vaughn

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