Vanessa Edwards (Oregon)

Vanessa Edwards is based at 7S3, Stark’s Twin Oaks Airpark, Hillsboro, Oregon.

Vanessa Edwards 2

Above: Ferrying the Ag Wagon to 7S3 for its annual. My son thinks I fly Dusty Crophopper!

Completion of my CFI-G

Completion of my CFI-G

I’m an aviation fanatic! I work as an air traffic controller as my “day” job. I’m a CFI for gliders and airplanes, and a tow pilot when my schedule allows. I have a little boy, and when he’s older I plan to build an RV…haven’t decided on a model yet though.


Vanessa Edwards

A side note from Judy: This airpark is home to an amazing number of lady taildragger pilots. Besides Vanessa Edwards - Linda Fore, Vanessa Jump Nelson, Sue Kruger and Terri Minter are also based here. We need a dose of numbers like this at all our airports!

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