Vickie Domke’s Summer Flying update from Alaska!

Vickie Domke sent in this update on her summer flying in Alaska.  Thank you, Vickie,  for letting us all share a little bit of Alaska with you.  I LOVE getting picture updates from our taildragging gals.  Since we all can’t be everywhere, flying all the great taildraggers, this is the next best thing!


Attached are a few photos of my summer.  In May I flew the Tern down to Anchorage for the Alaska Airmen’s Convention.  In spite of the weather I was able to get to 3000’ msl where my Cheetos bag plumped out of my lunch sack, so that was the first course for lunch.

“In Flight Meal”

Another flight in the Tern was down into the Alaska Range to fix the magneto on a customer’s aircraft.  I had a tailwind both ways!

Flying the Tern a 113 mph, AK Range

And this final picture is in the Cub flying a friend out to our cabin.  Heather is sitting in the seat my dog usually occupies.  Della (an Austrialian Shepherd) was not happy and chewed up her mutt muffs.

Vickie, Heather &  Della the doggie, June flight to cabin

For more on Vickie.. Pilot Profile; Vickie Domke

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