Victoria Holt (Texas)

Victoria Holt is based at T26, Flying V Ranch Airport, Louise, Texas. Victoria Holt Thanksgiving2010gliderflight 202 I learned to fly in gliders so its just natural to me to fly with my feet constantly moving! I am lucky enough to be able to fly for a living but those planes lock out the pilot’s feet and hands most of the time!

On the job

On the job

I am checked out in the Stearman, the Cub, the Champ, the Husky, Bird Dog and the Scout. Second only to the Stearman and the Cub, and the Champ, the Scout is my favorite! ,) Victoria Holt HuskyVictoria Holt open cockpitI live on a grass strip with the runway right in front of the porch! The first thing I do in the morning is check the windsock, then get coffee and watch the sunrise over the tree line that parallels the runway. That’s the perfect start to everyday! Life is good. 🙂 Victoria Holt windsock Victoria Holt Stearman Blue Skies, Victoria Holt

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