Victoria Swartzendruber (Kansas)

Victoria (Tory) Swartzendruber is based at 47K, Moundridge Municipal Airport, Moundridge, Kansas.

Victoria Swartzendruber 3

My name is Tory. My husband is already a pilot and I am a pilot in training. We are currently building a hangar at 47K in Moundridge KS and we own a 1946 Cessna 140.

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What made me fall in love originally with this plane is my husband. He proposed to me in it and our daughter’s first flight was in this plane. He has been an enormous influence on my love of aviation and taildraggers.

Victoria Swartzendruber and husband

I joined the Army in 2006 right after my 18th birthday. I spent 2009-2010 in Iraq. I was a .50 Cal gunner in a security company. My contract was completed in June 2014.

Victoria Swartzendruber army

In the 8 years I was part of the Army I completed my Master’s in Healthcare Administration. Since I’ve been back my husband and I run a welding/metal fab shop, and in our spare time I am doing my flying lessons and we are working on our hangar.

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