Victoria Swartzendruber (Kansas)

Victoria Swartzendruber is based at 47K, Moundridge Municipal Airport, Moundridge, Kansas.

Victoria Swartzendruber

I am 27, married, and have one child. My husband is the one who got me into flying all together. We own a Cessna 140 and that is how I have come to love taildraggers. I am beginning my training in the spring and all of my lessons will be in our 140. I am extremely excited to be part if this community!


Victoria posted the following as a new member of the LadiesLoveTaildraggers Facebook group. Awesome story!

Hello everyone, I was directed to this group to help find a “niche” that would fit me. Here’s my story.
My husband and I were dating while he was working on his private pilot license. At the same time we were restoring a 1946 Cessna 140 we discovered in a barn. When he got his tail wheel endorsement we went flying for lunch. That day became a very special day in more ways than one.


We landed on a local grass strip belonging to a friend and my then boyfriend proposed to me! I, being a girl, screamed and cried and freaked out (smart of him to land first.. lol).


We continue to fly to our lunch destination. We land and one more surprise comes. Both mine and his closest family members come pouring out of the restaurant. Of course, I cry again.


This story along with many others now have lead me to develop a love of flying and a special love for taildraggers.

This spring I will begin my lessons. I had to complete my graduate school before I started but I am done now and ready to begin in the spring. Now that I am at that point I would like to make connections with other women pilots. Especially, taildragger pilots. I am excited to get completely evolved in the aviation community. And not just as a pilots wife.


Thank you!



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