Video: 2019 Natchitoches LLT Fly-in!

The 2019 LadiesLoveTaildraggers Natchitoches, Louisiana Fly-in Video!

Wow, the title is a mouthful! Repeat after me, “Nack-a-tish”, “Nack-a-tish”, “Nack-a-tish”, the correct Natchitoches pronunciation. If you’re ever lucky enough to fly into KIER, Natchitoches Regional Airport, announce your pattern position on 122.8 “Nack-a-tish traffic ……” and they’ll swear you’re a local!

I hope you enjoy this quick glimpse of our 2019 Ladies Love Taildraggers fly-in. Louisiana, where hospitality and southern charm flow like molasses, turned out to be the perfect destination for our fly-in. The first week of October was hot and humid, VERY hot & humid, and thunderstorms were rampant across Louisiana and beyond. No matter. The pilots who flew to KIER took it all in stride and clearly reveled in this event, our 10th Ladies Love Taildraggers flyin!

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