June 5 – 11, 2021. Pilots from 15 states, flying 21 aircraft (51 people total), spent one awesome week flying across the welcoming State of South Dakota. We kicked the adventure off in Mitchell, then on to Wall, KRAP Rapid City, Custer State Park Airport and Spearfish Airport. When not flying, 4 large vans transported us to The Badlands, Needles Highway, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Minuteman Missile Site, and a highlight, the Alesi’s mountain top private cabin — plus the historic towns of Deadwood, Sturgis, Lead and more!

Video and Rapid City NBC News Center 1 Story:  Pumps and props: Lady Taildrggers soar across South Dakota

8 Things I learned from our South Dakota Flying Tour:

Corn Palace

1) Tell a man we’ll be visiting the famous “Corn Palace” in Mitchell, SD and he’ll swear he heard “Porn Palace” and sign up instantly!






2)  It’s impossible to eat too many of the State favorite, “Indian Fry Bread Tacos”.






3) The Claw yellow aircraft tie downs DO HAVE A LIMIT.  A friend was camping under the wing of my Decathlon at Spearfish Airport during a severe storm and my tail rope stressed to the breaking point.  It reached the limit of the rope but not of the Claw itself.  The Claw was still firmly hammered into the ground.  I didn’t get the official wind speed but I heard there were hurricane force winds that night.   I do know 3 of us were hanging on tight with everything we had while retying the tail down and retightening the wing ropes. 

Kudos to the dozen or so other pilots who popped for the $50 fee to be hangared that night.





4) Spread the word to bring and display your most outrageous stilletos and you will not be disappointed. Our ladies value the importance of a great pair of shoes!






6) One awesome Dad of a lady taildragger pilot proved his ingenuity in the design of this custom Stilleto mounting display. (Only at a Ladies Love Taildraggers Flyout!)  Finished plywood with velcro attached to hold the dainty customized Cessna 170 heels in place, then surrounded with solor lights, this fancy footwear remained alit all night – every night.




  7)  Wednesday Wine Day. Yep. Check. We already got the message!







8)  Spontaneous things just happen. Mitchell, South Dakota FBO, albiet a temporary but appropriate metamorphosis.








  • Embroidery Prince
    Posted at 11:30h, 21 October Reply

    Awesome Ladies. Glad that I came across your blog and have read about you.

  • Dianne
    Posted at 21:36h, 14 June Reply

    Had a wonderful time. Met more great folks and ate more food than I needed. Thanks all Laddies love taildraggers

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