Wanda G Goodman (Virginia)

Wanda G Goodman is based at 20GV,  Hawk Ridge Airport, Bedford, Virginiaand flies a 1947 Stinson 108-3.

1947 Stinson 108-3

I have been flying since 1994.  Earned my private pilot’s October 31, 1996. Started in a J-4 Cub and at this time about 750 people have soloed this aircraft. Husband of 36 years and myself purchased a Stinson 108-3 project in 1995 (it was a basket case) and completely restored and have been flying her since April 1999.

We live and work in Central Virginia with the view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from our hangar/home.  We have a 2,100′ grass strip that we put in on farm land purchased in 2000.  We have a small business and a cattle farm.  I have lots of interests but at the moment there is not much time left for fun.  Don’t get to go out and fly like I would like to.  Hopefully the future will leave a little more time for enjoyment. We are also restoring a 1958 Tri-Pacer and a 1943 Howard DGA-15.

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