Watch out world, here comes Abby!!

Just in time for Christmas, here’s one of my favorites about a little girl obsessed with airplanes. From 2013….

My friend Sam Habit told me this story and it’s way too good not to share. Sam’s granddaughter, Abby, has always loved airplanes and flying. Abby was on the wing of her grandpa’s Cherokee when she was a few days old. She got her first airplane, a “scooter type” for her first birthday. She lives hundreds of miles away but loves to visit Glenndale Airport in Indiana, the grass strip where her grandpa has a house and hangar – especially to check out all the airplanes.


Abby’s parents won the beautiful biplane you see in the pictures at last year’s “Glenndale Days” and nobody could have appreciated it more than little Abby. She was thrilled and when she visits Indiana she spends hours taxiing it, hanging out with the pilots, washing it, working on it and being the perfect aircraft owner.


When it was time to start Christmas shopping last year, grandma & grandpa phoned to ask Abby what she wanted for Christmas. Without hesitation she announced “I want a key to the hangar”.


Far away Christmas morning arrived and when the presents were opened, sure enough, Abby opened a special box and found a key to grandpa’s hangar. Abby couldn’t have been happier but her surprised mother said, “What, a key to the hangar?! I don’t even have a key to dad’s hangar!” To which Abby promptly replied, “Mom, you don’t have an airplane in there.” 🙂


Yep, this little lady is one of us. Watch out world, here comes Abby!!


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