Wednesday, July 25, 2012 at Oshkosh was amazing

Holy cow, I love Wisconsin. I found out today this really is COW country when I hopped a ride from Oshkosh for the 1 hour car drive to New Holstein for the Supercub fly-in.

They’re Everywhere!

The drive really was beautiful with cow pastures and enormous dairy barns along the entire route. I normally never drive anywhere because I love to fly. But the stress of departing AirVenture, flying to New Holstein for the Supercub fly-in, then returning before they shut the field down at 8:00 seemed like something to be avoided at all cost.   Thank you, Anne Wright, for arranging a ride for me! Dean was a great guy who let me play with his ipad and entertained me to and from.

Wow, the barns are incredible here.

A barn is not just a barn in Wisconsin and I saw some beautiful ones driving to New Holstein. So why would I leave AirVenture, the mecca for airplane lovers, and head for a tiny town on the other side of Lake Winnebago for a very small fly-in?

Ed Doyle in the short landing contest

Because it’s where people who actually LOVE to fly ….. go to FLY! The action started at 3:00 with a spot landing contest, a short field take off then a short field landing contest. Oh, and don’t forget the flour drop contest. I have absolutely no idea who won … mainly because it was awesomely entertaining just watching and appreciating the skill of the pilots.

My iphone battery died a quick death about the time I shot these few pictures or I’d have many more to show. Some of the gals took pictures so I’m sure I’ll get them at some point.  “The gals” I’m referring to are all the lady taildragger pilots who were at New Holstein; incredibly enough, Di Hart from Australia, Lynn Meredith from Colorado, Anne Wright from Michigan, Wendy from Utah, Sarah Dickerson from Missouri, Donna Guerin from Alabama and Amy Gesch from Wisconsin. And me!

For a small group, that’s a truly amazing number of women taildragger pilots. They are all camping and most will do daytime fly-outs on Thurs. & Friday before heading home this weekend.

Bill Tracy gave me a ride in his Supercub and we did a little low river bottom flying with the door down. On a 99 degree day it was the best gift anyone could give. It’s truly an awesome airplane and one of the taildraggers on my bucket list! The evening ended, at least for me, with the BBQ dinner and conversation with everyone I bumped into.  A great way to end another day at Oshkosh.

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  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 07:01h, 26 July Reply

    Fun story. I hope to go sometime!

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