Wednesday’s ‘Vintage in Review’ 2013 at AirVenture

Stephanie and Amy H

Stephanie Stephenson and Amy Hoffpauir at AirVenture

Here’s a video that will make you feel like you’re right in the middle of AirVenture 2013! Several of our LadiesLoveTaildraggers members participated in Wednesday’s ‘Vintage in Review’ program, hosted by Ray Johnson, including these proud taildragger owners. This year AirVenture celebrated radial engines so Stephanie and her C195 and Amy and her Stinson Gullwing V77 were invited to participate. They did such a great job as you’ll see in the video.

Ray invited the ladies to dress in period clothing and Stephanie Stephenson and Amy Hoffpauir did it up right! I’m still not sure who got more attention that day, the ladies or their gorgeous radial engine aircraft?!!

Ray Johnson says, “Make plans to do this all over on Wednesday’s (Ladies Day) ‘Vintage In Review’ 2014!”

Put the Wednesday of AirVenture on your calendar for 2014 everybody. We haven’t heard if there’s a special type aircraft that will be featured but we do know there will be ladies who love their taildraggers there!

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