Wendy Moretz (Maryland)

Wendy Moretz is based at 0W3, Harford County Airport, Churchville, Maryland.

Wendy Moretz

I just received my private pilot’s license in February 🙂 Had to use a 172  for that. I have not been up to the airport lately because of school, but got a 99% on my Air Traffic Control final. 🙂

I have flown a Citibria and a Globe Swift and love them. I can’t wait to get back in the Citabria – it is so much more responsive. I love historic planes!


  • Wendy
    Posted at 09:57h, 19 April Reply

    Thank you Susan, yes the swift is a wonderful plane and fun to fly, I dream of some day owning one.

    Thanks Lisa, no I do not own a plane, I mainly rent them from the FBO, and yes I have some friends that own and take me flying with them. The ATC courses I am taking are a requirement for the degree at my college. I am beyond the age requirement to become a controller, Though I am sharing my experiences with students in the controller program so they better understand what we as pilots go through.


  • Lisa Martin
    Posted at 07:39h, 23 March Reply

    That’s great Wendy. Did you go through a flight school? Do you have friends that fly, rent airplanes or awn one? Does 99% on the ATC test mean you are training to be a controller? That would be great to have pilots on the other end of the radio.

  • Susan Theodorelos
    Posted at 21:49h, 22 March Reply

    Congrats Wendy all the way around!!! WELL DONE!! Welcome to LLT too! Great to have you on board! One of the pilots at our airport just got a Swift and I think they are a neat airplane! Sure would love to fly one some time!


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