We’re HERE!

“Welcome to the show!” was our greeting to OSH this afternoon by the Fiske controllers. 🙂 We rocked our wings and followed the tracks to 27 and were tickled to land on the green dot.

Kate and I flew in today but oh man, it was no simple feat. We skirted thunderstorms early in the day and landed at White Co Airport to sit it out and refuel. We made our way to our next refuel stop, East Troy. One little problem though, I left my billfold back at White Co. Airport!
OMG. No money, no credit cards, not even a pilot’s license or driver’s license. But how could that get us down for long when another OSH flyer pulled out his credit card and topped my tanks for me. Thank you to Luscombe pilot Bill Coleman. We might still be sitting there without cash or fuel without him.

But there’s more. In the course of fueling I discovered my exhaust pipe extension had fallen off the airplane somewhere since our last stop. NO, I’m not kidding you! After refueling, I flew it around the pattern to see how hot it would get and decided there was no way I was flying another hour to OSH without it.

That’s when a cool guy named Lucas came to our rescue and created a new exhaust pipe for us, fit to my Rans.

It turned out to be a beautiful evening in Oshkosh. Kate and I had a delicious dinner near the University and are now snug as bugs in our dorm room. We need some rest! We are looking forward to seeing what unexpected adventures are in store for us the remainder of “the show”! See you all out there!


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