What a blast, bumps and all!

Anne and I had a blast flying down to Tullahoma today. Silky smooth early in the morning then we bumped our way into 3M7 for super cheap fuel. $4.89 a gallon! The guy on Unicom announced we looked like “a homesick angel flying up to heaven”. I admit it, I was showing off!
Yes there are lady Taildragger pilots here! We bumped into Joy Terrell and Kelly McClure right off the bat. It’s so great to see them here enjoying themselves.
And Sharon Tinkler’s here of course. It’s the greatest thing to be able to introduce two lady Taildragger pilots to each other finally. Both Joy and Sharon are from TN – it’s high time they knew each other!

My Rans has been delegated to a far off row but that’s OK. Even I wouldn’t want to mess up these beautiful line ups.

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