What…You fly in the winter?

Nano Farabaugh, KEKM, Elkhart, IN


When I am asked this question I always answer emphatically, “Yes! Winter in northern Indiana is the best time of the year to fly.” The engine performs better in the winter. Take off distance is reduced and the sky is remarkably blue.




I called my usual enthusiastic answer into the question while I was preheating the engine yesterday. It took me a half hour to chop away the ice in front of my hangar door, another 15 minutes to get the hangar doors open. And in between these activities I’d go back to the car and warm up. As I was huffing and puffing to push the Champ out over the ice ridge I said to myself, “You know you really gotta love flying to go through all of this effort.”

Doesn’t get any better than wintertime flying!


All my wondering vanished when I got in the air. Oh, how I love flying. What a gift!

Nano Farabaugh
Aeronca Champ


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