What’s there not to love at Sun ‘n Fun?!

What’s there not to love at Sun ‘n Fun? Trust me, it’s all good! Doesn’t matter if you’re just mildly interested in airplanes or if you’re an absolute aviation maniac, everybody finds their niche at Sun ‘n Fun. Mine is the taildragging thing and I’m having a blast exploring this huge event. I am constantly finding things-with-wings and interesting people to entertain myself.


IMG_0522-0.JPGIMG_0548-0.JPG Anybody know who manufactured this fine 2-place antique aircraft? I do now, but admit I was shocked to learn who it was. I thought I knew every model they made but this was a complete surprise to me.

I have to say, the WIA lunch I attended today wasn’t on my “Top 10 Things-To-Do Sun ‘n Fun list” but I am very very happy I went. The panel discussion included Karen Goulian (Mike Goulian’s wife and manager), Patty Wagstaff (airshow performer), Angela West (General Manager Stallion 51) and Chelsea “Abingdon” Welch (owner The Abington Watch Company). These women all had a unique perspective on aviation and happily shared their personal stories. Stories spoken from the heart are always better than canned speeches and I appreciated hearing from each of them.


I’ve read Meg Godlewski articles for a long time and finally had the pleasure of meeting her today. Meg’s not only a journalist with General Aviation News (and more!) but also a Master CFI and Master GI. If you bump into Meg, tell her you want to hear her bunnies-on-the-runway and revenge-of-the-bunnies stories. 🙂


Pilots & future pilots posing pretty at the WIA luncheon today.


Mark Gilmore’s Oshkosh Grand Champion “Gilmore Special” has been front and center in Homebuilt Parking all week long.


I discovered another lady taildragger pilot hanging out at Legend Cub’s display today. Lee Blankenship is pictured below in a Legend Cub display aircraft but has her very own Legend Cub named “Miss Lee”.  I’ve seen pictures of her bird and it is gorgeous. Lee is an aviation insurance specialist with Falcon Insurance Agency.


Don’t forget, we are hosting our May 29 – 31, 2015 LadiesLoveTaildraggers fly-in at KSLR, home of Legend Cub, Sulphur Springs, TX. Darin Hart & Pat Bowers may be at Sun ‘n Fun now but they’re looking forward to seeing us in Texas soon. Check out or LLT Fly-in info https://ladieslovetaildraggers.com/ladieslovetaildraggers-2015-fly-in/



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