Where It All Began

KFFA. First Flight. The Wright Brothers National Memorial. All names for where aviation began and a homage flight many pilots will fly sometime during their flying career – Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

On our flight around the perimeter of America, yesterday we visited this special National Park. Many places we’re stopping at aren’t technically on the border, but it’s hard to find one closer to that invisible line than this one.

Oh no, I didn’t see this coming! What the heck?! The First Flight Museum is closed for renovation and displays were not temporarily relocated. Very disappointing. “Both the rehabilitation project and interpretive exhibit upgrades are expected to be completed in 2018.”

Boarded up all around. I would have been ridiculously disappointed if we hadn’t visited Kitty Hawk 3 years ago. Still, I’d heard they’ve added a new Jerry Mock display and she’s one lady taildragger pilot I was looking forward to seeing recognized.

What a difference a century makes. Who wouldn’t love to give Wilbur and Orville an airplane ride today?!  🙂

KFAA, the building is unattended but the VFR code will get you inside to check weather.

Then on to Billy Mitchell Airport, KHSE, not far down the coast at Cape Hatteras. By car, it’s as far south as you’re going to go on this sliver of barrier peninsula (short of a car ferry ride!)

Runway 7/25 with beautiful approaches from both directions.

Cape Hatteras is truly a beautiful destination, but don’t come in on fumes. There’s no fuel available and the airport is unattended.

Let the good times keep rolling!

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