Where oh where are the airplanes?

I’m happy. I’m WAY south of my home in Indiana, delivered to the warm and very sunny state of Florida by the Boydster. We came in the Mooney 231 for the Mooney Summit, climbing out 3.5 short and comfortable hours after departure. The difference between our Mooney flight and a Rans S7 or a Super Cub flight compared to ANY Mooney flight, is huge. I actually fell asleep on the way down in the Mooney! Hey, passengers have rights too!
So what differences? Flying time…bumps….altitude…..you name it. I’ll take PIC, low and slow, totally engaged flying, FUN flying, any day of the week but I do get what the Boydster loves.
Soooo, here I am at Panama City Beach wondering where are all the low beach flybys by taildraggers? I’m here. I’m waiting. All I’ve seen is helicopters!! Don’t you Florida pilots give all us beach people a little thrill now and then?!!

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