Who is that man on the tram?!!

My phone got smashed and totally destroyed in a parking lot this evening at OSH. If you try calling or texting me the next few days, you’ll end up in the abyss I hope to retrieve someday soon. Verizon will find me on their doorstep when I get back home but in the meantime I’m NORDO. Sorry for the delay in reporting about all the wonderful women and aircraft that participated in today’s Vintage In Review Program hosted by Ray Johnson at AirVenture. I promise photos and more when possible. In the meantime, the fun never stops at OSH!

Life at OSH

Life at AirVenture has been spectacular this week. Maybe not quite as relaxed at this comfy looking friend positioned just south of the Forums buildings but she’s giving me something to strive for. 🙂

Donuts at the Tall Pines Cafe is a great way to start the day.

Of course my parking spot in IAC rocks. Through some amazing stroke of fate, they let me in at show center. They must think I’m part of the airshow crew. I’m happy they’re pretty much ignoring me here in the International Aerobatics Club area but should they ask I’m ready to tell the surrounding airshow pilots I have a “stealth” act. I depart disappearing as I head for home!

It’s been a week of partying and Eagle Creek Aviation and Jason Newbold knows how to do it right.

So do partners in crime Bill & Yvette Tracy, Anne Wright and Windy.

THE GUY! So I get on a tram heading to the south forty and the guy 2 people down introduces himself as “the guy” who stuck with me, at least on the outside, when I got stuck in an elevator at the dorm several years ago.

OSH memory. Stuck in the ELEVATOR! Elevators and I don’t play well together. I’ve been stuck in two, both times solo, and it’s a freaky thing. I’m staying at the same dorm I got stuck in a few years ago, rescued by the Oshkosh Fire and Police departments. What a hoot. 🙂  So far- so good, this year!

Click the following link for pictures and story.


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