Who says girls can’t land on sandbars?!

It’s short but oh so sweet – the video AND the landing. Diana Votaw’s still at it, shooting great videos of her flying adventures. In this one she says “The weather got warm so we powered up the flying machines and checked out the sand on the Mississippi.”


Diana Votaw 2014.jpb

Hang in there people, it’s warming up fast and you’ll soon be flying all over the place too. For those that need a reminder how it’s done, watching Diana Votaw fly her Cubcrafters Sport Cub should do the trick.

Diana Votaw 2014C

Diana Votaw 2014B

Diana Votaw 2014D

Check out this video chocked full of flying over riverbeds, grass strips and formation flying. I am totally into this one!!

Videos from Diana Votaw, a.k.a. “Pokette Productions”. Willing assistants Bill Tracy, Dave Hoepfinger and other unnamed renegades.

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