Who’s faster – a Rans or a Champ?

Rans vs Champ

Rans vs Champ

By Judy Birchler, host of LadiesLoveTaildraggers.com

already knew the answer before heading out on this very loose formation flying weekend but who knew they would fly circles around us?!! Sure enough, the Rans S7-S LSA did just that – there they were, down low, up high, up front, way behind and all the while powering way back to stay with our Champ 7EC/FC. Now don’t get me wrong – I have no interest in giving up my beautiful blue and white, way fun, happy little Champ but I CAN see the attraction with all that airspeed!

Our trip:  MQJ, GEZ, MQJ, KY8, 1M9, FRH & MQJ

Boyd and I just spent a great flying weekend with Wayne & Kathy Norris of Norris Field, Liberty, Indiana.  We met up at the Ramp Rats Chili Fest in Shelbyville, IN and were ready to depart with full bellies until we realized “oh no, forgot the swim suits!”  A quick 18 mile flight back north, a 15 knot direct crosswind landing, a “please don’t let a cop catch me” fast drive home, a train (of course) over the track heading back, another crosswind departure and then finally – yes, we’re really on the way now!  We formed up with Rans N13NF near Columbus, IN and were happy to find we had a really nice tailwind pushing us along.

Check out the pictures below but in a nutshell – coming from the north we flew south down Lake Barkley to the inlet where Barkley Lodge resides then to the Lake Barkley State Park Airport (1M9).  Beautiful lodge overlooking the lake, free transportation by the Park Service to the lodge, lots of good hiking trails, pool & hot tub, nice restaurant – it’s just got it all.  Day 2 was a flight back north up the lake, some fun flying over the Ohio River between Evansville & Owensboro and a stop at French Lick, Indiana.  Now this is an beautiful destination for anyone loving amazing architecture, history, historic hotels and shiny new casinos.  The resorts picks you up a the airport (free) delivers you to where ever you want to go.   They also run shuttles between the West Baden Inn, the Casino and the French Lick Resort but if its a nice day and you have time there’s a 1.25 mile paved trail that connects everything.  It’s a must see stop if you’re ever in southern Indiana.  I lost track of the time but roundtrip I’m thinking 6.5 hours logable time!


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